Tuesday, January 20, 2009

It's 3.03

It's 3.03 and I am not sleeping yet. Still working online. There was 3 unworking days, religious hollidays here so I wasn't working. That's why I am trying to accomplish that now, tonight. maybe I should stay a wake all night long. Or perhaps sleep and work tomorow. Don't know. I will decide in next hour, probably. See you.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

I'll go shoping now

I'll go shoping now in Maxi diskont. Need to buy something to eat. For dinner. And probably some nes coffie. And something sweet. maybe chocolate some small one. Or tulumbe. I like tulubme, that's very nice cake. if I can say cake. It's more sweet. Turkish originaly. And have to bye some cigaretes, too. I smoke like a chimny these days. And yes, I know I shoud quit. And probably will some day, just not prepared yet. When I decide to quit smoking I will. That's for shore.
So, I go now. See you soon.
To next reading. Like reading festival. :D

I'll write about anything

I'll write about anything here. Blog is called Espresso Mixed so posts and themes will be very, very mixed. More than you can imagine. More mixed than any espresso was before or after you drinked it.